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Extra Curricular Activities

Swimming Lessons

Montessori of Rancho Cucamonga is equipped with a large 3 1/2 foot deep swimming pool. Swimming lessons are offered by American Red Cross authorized instructors. The Swim to You instructors offer private, semi private, and small group lessons to students who are potty trained. Lessons are held from July through October. Please visit the Swim To You Website for more information.

Active Youth

These 30 minute classes are designed to encourage your child to be active!

Students will learn:

• spacial awareness
• age appropriate exercises and physical activities
• balance
• hand-eye coordination
• proper stretching and flexibility
• injury prevention and safety
• rhythmic skills
• basic nutrition and the importance of water
• strength and endurance
• how to properly bounce, kick, toss, throw, roll, catch and strike a ball

Plus many more activities and skills!

Please visit the Active Youth Website for more information.


Our keyboarding classes introduce the piano to students ages 3-5. In a small group setting, each child is provided a keyboard. Children learn songs, note reading, ear training and are able to sing along!

Music participation enhances self-expression, memory skills, concentration, and coordination. Also, through music education, students are able to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

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