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Montessori of Rancho Cucamonga  provides a peaceful and safe learning environment that develops the“Whole Child.”  Through the Montessori Curriculum, Monthly Unit Studies, Music Appreciation and Outside Classroom, your child will be learning throughout the "Whole Day!"

This is the key to the development of the  “Whole Child.”

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Now Enrolling Children Ages 1-5

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In the Montessori classroom the children work independently at their own pace. While in the Montessori classroom environment, where there are independent choices, the child stimulates his/her own natural instincts and interests for self-directed learning. The child becomes interested and self-motivated to work cooperatively, become responsible and independent, gain effective communication and leadership skills and appreciate diversity. Dr. Maria Montessori developed a well founded program for the education of the young child which include the five major areas as follows:
Language - Math - Practical Life - Sensorial - Cultural Studies

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